You need to know the equipment for paintball if you want to have the complete gear when you play the sport. The equipment will not just help you play the game. It will also protect you from harm. This is a very physical game. And even if the paintballs are not real ammunition, it will sting really bad if you are not covered by the right gear.

Of course, the main reason to know this list is so you have the best chance of winning. If you are interested in playing this competitive sport, you have to make sure that you have the complete equipment. It is just as important as learning the rules of playing paintball.

Basic paintball equipment

Let us start with the basic equipment for paintball that you need to have before you can play this game.


This is what you call the paintball guns. Obviously, this is one of the most important equipment that you need to have. This is a shooting game after all. You need a weapon that will help you shoot down your enemies or to be more accurate, eliminate them. These come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure you choose a gun that you are comfortable wielding – not too big or too small to make it awkward to hold. You do not have to own a gun – you can rent it from the paintball facility you will play in.


There is a very strict rule in paintball about masks. You should never take it off while you are in the field. You are only allowed to remove it if you are in the safe zone. This is for your own protection. Flying paintball can bruise you and if it hits your eye, it can be damaging enough to leave you blind.


This is a small container that will sit in your gun to feed it paintballs. This is very important if you do not want to compromise your ammunition in the midst of a game. This will help get the paintball into the gun’s chamber – making sure you can defend yourself or eliminate your opponents when the need arises.

Air Tank

Guns need compressed air tanks in order to fire the paintballs. This can either be compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) or compressed air.


Obviously, you need paintballs to play this sport. These are small spherical containers that are loaded with paint. It is then loaded into the markers through the hopper. The compressed gas is used to shoot it out towards your opponent.

Other equipment you might need

Apart from the basic equipment for paintball, there are also other things that you need to have in order to play this competitive sport.


As much as possible, you want to match your clothes with the surroundings. That means using green or brown shades. Not only that, you need to make it as thick as possible. Paintballs can sting and you want to minimize the bruising – if you can help it.


Wearing boots should be appropriate here. Your footwear should not be prone to slips and should also be very comfortable. You want to make sure you can move fast when there is a need to take cover.

Water and snacks

Most of the time, players stay in a paintball facility the whole day. You want to make sure you will not go hungry. This is a physical activity and you will get tired, hungry and thirsty. Be prepared by having snacks and some water with you.

These are the important equipment for paintball. There are other accessories that will make the game enjoyable – but even with just these things, you should be alright.