Shooting games can be fun to play. But you do not have to wait for a schedule in a paintball facility to enjoy yourself. You can actually play online games with a shooting theme. It can just be as fun as running around with your friends in a field.

Playing shooting games online

Fortunately for you, there are so many online games with a great shooting theme. You can enjoy them without leaving the comforts of your own home.

Here are some of the games that you can play online.

Blacklight Retribution

This is a shooting game that you can play on Windows or PlayStation 4. The game can get pretty intense so you need to prepare yourself. You will definitely enjoy hours of playing this game because you can customise your weapons, armour, and the technology just keeps on making everything better. You can upgrade the game and enjoy better weapons, armour, and even interfaces. Like other shooting games, you need to earn points to be able to afford the upgrades and sophisticated weapons, artillery, and equipment that you will need. Earning enough points will take time so you have to be patient with this game.

Team Fortress 2

This game is something that you can play on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. What is great about this game is it uses beautiful graphics and has a large player base. The game is fast-paced and very competitive. It puts two teams against each other. Not only that, it also involves a strategy – so you need to communicate with your team well. The game has nine classes that have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Online casino shooting games

Apart from the shooting games that you can download online, there are also online casino games that you can play. To be specific, there are slot machine games that have cool shooting themes that you can play for hours. The best part about playing the online slot machine is the fact that you can win real money out of it.

Here are some of your options if you want to play online slot games with a shooting theme.


This game is from Play N Go. It is a very entertaining game with a great design and several extra features. You get to enjoy free spins, bonuses, and a chance to win thousands of coins. The game has a progressive jackpot – that means the longer you play, the higher the jackpot. The animations and symbols include playing card symbols and even a belle that blows in the wind.

Wild Wild West

When it comes to shooting games, there is nothing like a great western game to play with. The slot game is one of the popular ones and has a classic old west theme. There is a knife-wielding villain, a one-eyed bandit with a gun, and a young hero. There is even a cowgirl who is also considered as one of the heroes in the game. There are bonus symbols that will help you win bigger prizes. Free spins are also available. All in all, the game will give you hours of entertainment.

What do you think of all these shooting games? Do you think you can play any one of them?