Learning how to play paintball is not complicated. Of course, it takes more than just pointing and shooting a gun. You have to follow specific rules – regardless of the level of experience that you have. This is a fun game to play but you have to be a team player in order to really enjoy it.

Basic rules when playing paintball

So what are the basic rules that you need to learn when playing paintball?

The truth is, the rules will depend on the players. You can come up with your own set of rules before you start the game. But there are general rules to follow. For instance, you need to know where you are allowed to hit your opponents. You should also know what the goals are. Most of the time, the winning team is determined by whoever captures the flag of the opponent. But there are players who want to make it more interesting by adding other goals.

Regardless of the rules that you will establish, it is important to make the game and the rules clear. If you want to play paintball, there has to be no room for any miscommunication. You need to clearly indicate the objective of the game and how the winner will be declared. Not only that, how will the players be eliminated? What parts of the body should be hit? Will one hit be enough for a player to be eliminated? You should also consider how long the game will be played. Most of the time, shorter games are preferable because it allows you to play several times. These are important considerations when playing this game.

As you are contemplating the rules that you will follow as you play paintball, you also have to consider your playing field. Some may be too big for your group or it may be too small. Usually, a 150-yard field is perfect for a three-on-three game. Any more than that will seem too crowded. You might have to take turns so everyone can play. You should also establish the territory of every team and where the starting bases are. While you are at it, you might want to identify the dead zone – or the place where nobody is allowed to shoot. This is the staging area or the safe zone. This is usually where eliminated players can stay or where the extra paintballs and gear are stored.

Safety rules should also be established. For instance, surrenders should be allowed. When a player does not have a mask or helmet, they should not be shot at. These are only some of the safety rules that you need to establish at the beginning of the game.

Tips when playing paintball

These tips should help you play paintball in a safe and still fun way.

  • Try not to be afraid of the paintball. Getting hit by it will sting – but it will not be enough to keep you from enjoying the game. Just use it as your motivation not to get hit.
  • Keep your mask on you while in the paintball zone. This will protect your face at all times.
  • Firing a paintball is loud. It will give away your position. That means you should think about every shot you will take. And if you do decide to fire, be prepared to have paintballs flying your way.
  • Scout for your enemies, but do it quickly. It only takes three seconds for your opponent to see you, take aim, and fire a shot. Do not keep your head down because that will leave you unaware of what is happening.
  • Keep the majority of your body hidden. This will minimize the target of your opponents.
  • Communicate with your teammates – but be quiet and discreet about it. Come up with hand signals that you can use in the field.
  • Sometimes, the paintball capsule will not break. When you feel like you have been hit, make sure the capsule has broken and not bounced off.

When you play paintball, you will find yourself having a lot of fun – as long as you play by the rules. Make sure you understand all the rules so there will be no misunderstanding while you are out on the field.