Playing paintball in Glasgow is not hard. There are so many places for you to choose from in order to enjoy a game of paintball with your family and friends.

This competitive sport is something that the Scots lover to indulge in. It is a great way to relieve some of the stress that you may have gone through at work. It is also an effective way to bond with friends. You can even celebrate events in these paintball facilities. Whether it is a corporate event or a party (birthday, stag or hen), you can go to any one of the paintball facilities in Glasgow.

Places in Glasgow to play paintball

There are many places to play paintball in Glasgow. Here are three of the best options that you have.

Delta Force Paintball West Glasgow

Delta Force is one of the leading companies to provide paintball facilities all over the UK. In Glasgow, it is a few miles from Junction 29. That makes it very accessible to players from the city. The facility is located near the Glasgow International Airport. Aircraft passengers can even see the pyramid of the paintball centre as they fly in and out of the city. The facility has 6 different game scenarios. This includes 2 double-decker buses, a large fort, and of course, the pyramid. There are various packages that you can enjoy if you decide to play at Delta Force. The Adult Paintball package will cost £9.99. The Junior Paintball package will cost £14.99. Both will give you access to the venue, weapons, and equipment. However, it is only the Junior Paintball package that is inclusive of 100 paintballs. The Adult Paintball package has to buy it separately for £7.99.

Bedlam Paintballing Centre Glasgow

This is another famous paintball facility that has a lot of branches all over the UK. The game zones that they offer are among the best in Scotland. Not only that, you get to enjoy real combat games outdoors. There are 10 games that players can choose from as they play paintball in Glasgow. Every game is unique and will give you various challenges and scenarios. You can also enjoy various packages to save on cost without cutting back on the adventure that awaits you and your friends. For £50.00, you get to enjoy a Stag or Hen party with 500 paintballs and a Smoke Bomb. This is good for 12 or more players. The lowest package is £12.95 and it includes entrance to the venue, basic equipment, gear, and 100 paintballs.

Cheap Paintball UK

If you are looking for a cheap place to play paintball in Glasgow, this is one of your options. They also have several game zones that include woodlands, a natural forest and also some man-made trenches. You will see forts, bridges, and even military equipment scattered around. All of this sets the tone for the game and will excite all the players for hours. For only £9.99, you get to enjoy the venue for a whole day. Not only that, you also get to use the equipment you need and 100 paintballs. Their location in Glasgow is 20 minutes away from the City Centre.

As you can see, there are so many places to play paintball in Glasgow. Take your pick and enjoy a full day of playing shooting games with your family and friends.